7 Natural Ways to Improve Hair Density

7 Natural Ways to Improve Hair Density

Hair density is a measurement of how much hair on your head per square inch, or how densely packed your hair follicles are on your scalp. Hair Density affects the shape and volume of your hair as a whole, and it affects what hair care products you should apply and how to do best to style on your hairs. Sometimes a pregnant woman can suffer from limp hair due to the extreme changes in her body.

Effective Way to Increase Hair Density

Oil Massage:

Oil Massage is most important for hair growth and shine. So, daily use of oils on your hair is extremely helpful to treat several hair problems. You scalp massage helps to boost your blood circulation which provides protection from hair fall problem and strengthens the roots, thus, improving the volume and density of hair. You can choose for natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and jasmine oil etc. for hair massage. You can apply oil at least 2 times a week to enjoy healthy and shiny hair before the head bath.

With Aloe Vera:

Using Aloe Vera gel is an easy and effective remedy which can help to moisturize your hairs and also increase the hair density. Aloe Vera gel indulges nutrients which provide strengthen the hair follicles, thus, improving the hair density easily. It makes your hair seem beautiful and shiny. You take some quantity of Aloe Vera gel and massage onto your scalp and hairs and cover the hairs well and leave it for half hours and wash with soft water later. Aloe Vera solves many problems such as infections, flakes, and dandruff. Most importantly it contains proteolytic enzymes which are known to grow the hair thickness.

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Henna Powder:

Henna is normally used by women in order to achieve soft and luxurious hair. But, one more fact that makes henna beneficial and importance for hair because it is a volume booster. You take 1 cup of henna powder; add 1 egg yolk, curd and lemon juice to it. If you want then can also use tea water to it and make mixture it. After mixture applies on your hair and scalp and allows it to set for some time. Wash off with soft water.

Use Vitamin C in your diet:

Vitamin C is one among the most important hair care remedies which you should use to improve your hair density. You should be taken a lot of Vitamin C rich food, which can help you to make strengthen the hair roots and also encourage voluminous hair. So you should include fruits such as lemon, kiwi, oranges, etc. in your daily food routine.

Onion and honey:

We all know that onion is a wonderful remedy that can help to prevent hair loss problem very easily. It is also amazing to improving the hair texture and growing the hair length. You can take a half onion and grind/grate it to extract some juice and add some honey and curd in it. Make a mixture and apply on the scalp and your hairs and leave it for 30-50 minutes. After dry, you can wash with lukewarm water.

Wash your hair carefully:

Many people trust that washing your hair daily keeps it clean and damage-free. But it’s false. Washing your hair daily can damage it and its shine makes it dry and leads to growth in hair loss. You need to wash your hairs two to three times a week more than enough even if you have an oily scalp. When you choose the shampoo and conditioner and then be very careful about it. If you give oil massage to your hair then somewhat strong shampoo is good enough. For the other days should use a herbal shampoo. You can also thin out your shampoo with water to tone it down and achieve maximum usage.

Spent stress-free life:

Nowadays 50 percent of people who deal with hair care problem, generally that reason is a higher level of stress. Stress can’t only unbalance your mental stability but rather it affects your hair growth as well. It is mainly responsible for excessive hair fall or hair thinning problems. Living a stress-free and healthy life is a natural way to improve and increase hair density. Choose for yoga or meditation in the morning to spend a stress-free and joyful life.

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