Common relationship problems and tips to solve them

Common Relationship Problems and Tips to Solve Them / How We Can Save the Relationship?

All relations are very complex. Many issues can occur at any point of in a relationship. Nobody knows what happen in a relationship in the future. There are several common issues faced in relationships. The nature and intensity of the issues depend on the mode of relationship and depth of emotional attachment.

Nowadays initial stages of relationships are generally found to be stable and free of greater issues the adjustment and tolerance are mostly. But as time passes on and the formal ways are changed with the casual attitudes the issues can come up. If not taken the right solutions of problem-solving, they can spoil the relationship and end in breakups.

Many relationships end in breakups because of the unimportant issues between the partners. Never take an explanation in a relationship as the issue of honor; rather if the partner doesn’t leave the topic, you, unfortunately, can be wise to choose how to react and where to react. Understanding the partner perfectly will help a person to decide how to react to conflicts.



Make an actual appointment with each other. If you live together, put the phones on vibrate, and let voicemail pick up your calls. Always set up some new rules and ideas.

Poor communication is one of the greatest reasons for most of the bad issues in any communication. There should be very strong and lovely connection between the partners in a relationship.

Many a time issues occur not because there is a specific reason, but because the communications get misunderstood. If the messages reach the wrong way to the partner, then surely break up in the future relationship.



Sexual activities are the main part of the relationship. These are aspects where the partners may have very many personal ambitions and when something goes wrong they may feel unsatisfied with the other one.

The way one person wants to maintain a sexual life. Do not sacrifice all your desires just for the happiness of the partner as it may in future become a cause for discomfort and a possible breakup.

Sex increases your anticipation,” Fay says. Changing things up a bit can make sex more fun, too. She says, “Brings us closer together, releases hormones that help our bodies both physically and mentally, and keeps the chemistry of a healthy couple healthy.

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Dealing With Changing Expectations in Relationships

The fact is that all relations can change with time. Which include our friends, love, family, and marriage.  These things are neither good nor bad. Nowadays, what you want to from your partner, friends, family? And after a few years what you want?

According to point of view, different parts of life such that jobs, relations, the meaning of relationship etc have changed by critical effects. According to point of view, different parts of life such that jobs, relations, the meaning of relationship etc have changed by critical effects.

One of the most important thing that how can solve to your relationship issues. Always being a good dealer. Means that always respect and caring to own partner. Always put in his front, what you want from own partner.

Conflicts are fated part of life, how happy and similar the partners may be. The relationship between two people is just like joining two odd objects. No partners are perfectly matching to each other.

Occasional conflicts are very natural but getting into quarrels and arguments may spoil the relationship. Always avoid all unnecessary quarrels.


Trust is the main key to a relationship. If anytime you notice to those things that you cannot trust your partner. Trust is everything, without trust all relations are faked. With trust, two persons get in the relationship and enjoy to his relation. Both partners need to careful that they do not break his trust. Then both partners are happy to own his relationship.

Always be open mind and frank for own partner and create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere that you won’t be a telling lies. Never tells lies to own partner. Being punctual.

  • Always complete your promises with you get own partner.
  • Always fulfill your promises with you get own partner.
  • Always develop trust in your relationship.
  • Don’t an argument in wrong topics because anytime can create a problem in your relationship.
  • Call them when you say that you will do.
  • Be sensitive to others feelings.
  • Be a good listener for your partner.
  • Don’t overreact on small mistakes.
  • Don’t put up to old wounds.
  • Never be jealous.

Emotional Support

Nowadays, Emotional issues are mostly found out in the relationship. When your mood change then some misunderstandings may happen. But you can handle this situation and you understand to your partner feels.

Emotional support is very important to maintain a good relationship. You always support your partner. Empathy and attention, both are the lead main role in relationships. Always given the attention to own partner and feel them that you always stay within every situation.

In emotional support, is the main and effective role of touching. Sadly most peoples have broken this feeling. Love, sex and feeling are all included in the touching world mean walking arms in arms, holding hands is a simple way to express your feeling.

Making Your Relationship a Priority

Do you those things used to you which were doing on first dating? Show gratefulness. Admiration of each other. Contact each other during the day and show the interest in each other.

Always respect each other and say thanks. Trust is the main key to a relationship. If anytime you notice to those things that you cannot trust your partner. Always understand to own partner and his feelings.

Always do relies on them that they are very special in your life from every relationship. In a relationship may have to sacrifices in financial management and many times to share the mutual funds and expenditures. My money is mine, is not good for any relationship. So always be grateful that you have the chance to share the own money to another need.

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