6 Ways to Look Attractive Instantly

6 Ways to Look Attractive Instantly

Most of us do not get a chance to do full makeup on a daily basis and we don’t require that either. But many times, surprises do come up and at those times, you require to get ready in a jiffy. You can do this even when you will carry some products in your bag anywhere.

Brush the Brow:

Always should be used to brush on your brows. And don’t use dried-up or used-up mascara tubes; in fact, you need to save the applicator wand. When you need to get ready fast, then you can carry some material in your bag and brush your brows. With brushing your brows, you can get them into shape and give a good definition and attractive to the face. When you don’t have any time to fill in your brows in any occasion then brushing it is a wonderful option.

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Use a white kajal:

If you want your eyes to seems big and bright after a long and tiring day. Then you need to apply a white or cream-colored liner on the waterline that is a great way to do. Such liners make eyes seem wide, open, thick and attractive. You can use the white kajal in various ways such as a white wing, double up the layers, dual cat eye, basic line, shadow base etc.

Use dry Shampoo and change hairstyles:

You should be used to the dry shampoo for look attractive, so you keep a little bottle of dry shampoo in your bag every day. This shampoo helps to give your hair a lift and soft volume. It provides you bouncy and shiny hair instantly and that surely provides your look very attractive. Here is another thing that you can do what different with your hair. So, you need to change the hair parting or hairstyles, you give it a new and different style which provides to the new definition to your face and definitely changes your whole look.

Red Lipstick:

This is a very effective and attractive method to look beautiful instantly. Sometimes when all methods fail then red lipsticks do the magic, so always carry your favorite red lipstick in your bag. You can pick the right tone and it will do the magic on you and your face. A red lipstick brightens up the face and lips and hides all defaults. It is used to the rescue mainly from dark circles and pimples etc.


It is the last and most important thing to doing in our daily life. Let assumed your day can be filled with tiring and frustrating, but when you are getting ready then try not to be sad. A confident smile can be the best concealer and recover for all your flaws and defaults. So, keep your spirits high level and positive because they will make you look attractive, no matter what you are wearing something.

Talk with a purpose:

The ability to seem others in the eye shows certain confidence. It also helps for a better connection with others. Practice making eye contact with those you’re around and talk with them in a special purpose. You need to understand that what the way talk with other people on special topics. This is a very important and impactful method to attractive others from us.

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