How to Make Shape of Lips

How to Make Shape of Lips

Lips are a very important organ of our body. They are used for various purposes like smiling, conversations, eating food, mainly kissing. They are provided a very attractive look and personality. Sexy lips are given the invitation to kiss. It’s fact that almost all of us love wearing lip colors- be it the bright shade or light shade. But if your lips are not correct shape then you cannot apply the perfect lipstick on them.

Our lips skin is very thin and it breaks easily. So, it is necessary for you that you are proper care of your lips. When it comes to lip care, you should believe in the saying ‘prevention is better than cure!’ It is always possible to recover the health of your lips. This means that they cannot protect their own. You can make the shape of lips with exercises, water, kiss, makeup etc.


When once a person reaches the age of 30 then their skin is showing off lazy and dullness. And spoil their beauty. Your Lips is show off your emotions. So, it should very much important to you always keep it in shape and healthy. It has not to matter that which is your age. So, you can take care of your lips with some exercises. Exercise helps to maintain the healthy lips for us.


With this exercise will help reduce the wrinkles near the side of the mouth. In this exercise, you use your lips and your cheeks to form of the O shape. You should keep your lips as the same position and try for the smile. Because with doing this exercise, your cheeks and lips stay healthy and soft in the perfect shape. In this position, you stay for at least 10 seconds and repeat to 5-10 times.

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Pinching and squeezing is the most important for providing sexy lips, healthy cheeks, and shape of the lips and cheeks. In this exercise, you can use your middle and ring finger for doing the massage.

With this idea, you get to your lips very beautiful.


Spread the smile as much as you can. While doing that, keep your mouth shut and the lips tightly take pressed together. You should be doing only 5 minutes that is the way you work your lips for a Selfie. A smile is provided healthy, shapely, firmer lips for us.

Kissing is always helping the stay in perfect shape. Lips have the dual benefits such as lips keeping in shape, and second is increase the strong relationship and bond between the partners by a passionate kiss.


The one is the most important fact that helps to make the lips hydrated and secure from dryness of the lips. Did you know…..that you should drink water in the morning immediately upon waking up? In this way, you can provide the protection of your body.


Lips are the main role play in the beauty of a woman. But, not all of us have a perfect pout and perfect shape. Some of us have thin or thick rough lips. You can make them appears more beautiful and well-defined. You can provide to perfect shape of own lips by makeup. So, you need to: a lip pencil, lipstick, lip liner, lip conditioner/ primer etc.

  • In first you analyze your lips shape and hydrate them.
  • Secondly, you start lining on your lips with starting from the Cupid’s bow and continue till the corners, following the natural lip shape for getting a perfect shape.
  • And last you can apply the lipstick with a thin lip brush or mat lipstick on the entire lips. Make ensure you fill in the lip shape only.


Today, we will know about the home remedies for lips, which can help to shape your lips. Now, you take to easily products for the care of your lips in your home.


Brown sugar and coconut oil are improved blood circulation of your lips and enhance the glow of your lips. You can prepare a mix of brown sugar and coconut oil. You can gently exfoliate your lips in the circular motion. It will make your lips naturally look as shiny and sexy.


You think that you can mostly use the cinnamon oil greatly on the lips, but can be a very bad idea for your lips. With it reason, you have to face more problems and irritations. Yes, you can use the oil mixing with the balm.

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