How to Remove Hair Inside Of the Vagina

How to Remove Hair Inside Of the Vagina

Removing vagina hair is a personal method. Some girls are trimming the hair. And for this, they can go to a salon or parlor to take the bikini wax. Most of prefer to shave just about every day, but most of just leave it same. If you want to keep the area hairless and smoothly, then you should use good tools such as scissors, razor, shaving cream or gel. It is very necessary to remove the hair on this area to keep your body clean and fresh.

Most of the women feel more confident and cleaned after they remove some or all of the hair from their genital region. You can remove yourself of pubic hair by waxing, shaving or using the depilatory creams.

Other hair removal methods, such as laser treatment and electrolysis, require a procedure at a doctor’s office, so you consult with your doctor if you would like professional hair removal services.

Use Depilatory Creams:

For this method, you can use the cream, Razor, disposable or electric, Astringent, Towel etc.

Step 1:

You can read the instructions on your bottle or package of depilatory creams. Some products to need, you too wet your hair before using them. And other products are only effective and work on the dry hair.

Step 2:

You can apply a thin layer of depilatory creams on your hair. You shouldn’t use the cream and gel on your genitals for a long time. It can harmful for your skin such as burning and tissue damage. Leave the cream on your skin for some time according to instructions on the bottle or package.

Step 3:

You can wipe the cream of your skin or rinse your skin with water according to the bottle instructions. Do not reuse the cream because you may be at risk for the chemical burns.


You can use the various gels which nowadays are available in the market. These products are easily used for remove the hair. They use only one layer of the gel and hairs are automatically removed.

Everdeen Vaginal Gel tightens and revitalizes the vagina:

  • It restores flexibility of the vaginal opening post-pregnancy.
  • It is dermatologically, microbiologically and clinically tested and formulated under the expert guidance of gynecologists.
  • It provides the tone to the vaginal muscles and provides the fresh and renewed feeling.
  • They improve the blood flow in vaginal muscles.
  • Remove the harmful bacteria from the vagina.

You can use the more other gel solutions for removes the hairs.

Baking Soda:

You can use the natural methods for removing hairs. But baking soda is a very important and powerful method for this problem. It is the very effective and good remedy of the other remedies. You can use this remedy with water, lemon, garlic tea oil etc. more ingredients, which is used with baking soda. You can make the remedy with the simple water. With this remedy, you can remove the pubic hair, hair on your full body.

Baking soda + water:

For this solution, you need 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 glass of water. First, you boil the water then you add the baking soda to those water. You mix well and make the proper solution.

  • Then, you can apply this solution inside your vagina with the cotton balls.
  • You leave it this solution for the overnight; remove it in the morning.
  • In the morning, you clean with the water.
  • After washing the part, you should apply the moisturizer on them.

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