Seven Simple Steps To Get Your Feet Looking Sexy

Seven Simple Steps To Get Your Feet Looking Sexy

We all know that our feet are the main part of our body. They move us around the world. They help us for stand up to our day. They also need tender loving care to keep soft, strong, and free of more problems.

We often ignore our feet during the winter weather, and then suddenly we panic when our feet are not in proper condition, they get too faced the more fungus and bacteria’s. But with the daily pedicures can be costly, so here we discuss that how to purge you of those embarrassing cracked heels, dry skin, and bad toenails.

Step One: (Soak):

A soaking is a great way of soothing and smoothing tired feet after a long hard day. First, you give your feet a good soak. You can mix up salts into the water which is used for the wash of feet. Let your feet dip for 5 to 10 minutes. This method will soften them, making it easier to remove away dry dead skin when you come to exfoliate.

Step Two: (Scrubbing):

You should need to get rid of dead skin. For this method, you use a foot scrub, which is made by natural pumice and more ingredients like fruits and vegetables etc. You can use the more remedies for your feet looking sexy with big investment.

You get rid of the dry skin, cracking feet and cracked heels and another fungus. It’s important to use for your feet at least once or twice in a week if you want to keep them looking sexy and healthy. You should make it part of your beauty ritual, just as you would with your face and the rest of your body.

Step Three: (Clean properly)

When you finished the scrubbing, then you give your feet cleanse, for some time them dry. You use the pumice stone or foot files with smooth feet and nails. They remove the dead skin, and you get to pay extra attention to your heels and the balls of the feet which is where hard skin tends to form.

Step Four: (Provide moisturizer):

If you’ve got your feet feeling silky smooth, then is important to moisturize. This will help to prevent dry skin and keep your feet soft and sexy look. It helps to hydrates, cools and refreshes your skin. You avoid to the greasy lotions, especially when you’re slipping in a pair of sandals straight.

Step Five: (Trim nails):

It is most important for your feet health. You should need to trim your nails on the proper time. You should remember that not cut them too short because this can lead to infections and allergies.

Next, you can use a nail file to filer the nails, and make smooth out rough edges and provide the shape of nails. You should try to keep them square shape as this will remove ingrowing toenails.

Step Six: (Use Cuticle cream):

To make beautiful and sexy look nails and feet, you should use the cuticle cream or oil which nourishes and moisturizes to make them. And you get the smoother and softer sexy feet. When the nails are softer and smoother then you can use the nail polish.

Step seven: (Use the sunscreen):

For Feet and nails skin, needs to protection like the rest of your body. So, you can use the sunscreen will help keep your feet pretty, as the sun can accelerate aging.

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