7 Things Women Actually Want In A Relationship

7 Things Women Actually Want In A Relationship

Men and women are at an emotional difficulty. Many times we feel anything’s lacking in our relationships. Most of the men aren’t able to understand their women fully and most of the women not fully open with their men.

According to men, it can be difficult to understand what do to want women from us. When they don’t tell us exactly what do want from us in a relationship, and we imagination about this matter. But it’s not a complicated matter. Mostly women desire’s to feel safe, emotional attachment and healthy, trust and love, and feel too confident that their partner will stand with them.

Humility and compassion:

Humility and compassion in the relationship is one main key to success. Often many people wrongly focus on qualities like confidence. In fact, being humble has a very great impact. Mostly for men, they should leave their ego, for competitive nature and for the desire to get ahead. Nowadays all continuously try to prove own value own-self and try to prove better than others. But in the relationship, it’s a losing opportunity. All women want a humility, respect, acceptance, love, and preference by own partner, not a conceited, aloof, and jealous person.


How are you multi-tasking at the same time, when you are talking with women in your life? When you talking with them, how much are you working? if you doing as same, then you need to change this habit because most of all women aren’t to like this behavior. They look after the quality time they spend with us.

They want to by a partner to get attention own and show up fully when you are with them. When you’re spending time with women, only focus on them. And carve out time for them. When you’re with the women in your life then be as focused as you were when at first dating. So, you should provide full attention to them. They want to be attentive us and show up fully when we are with them. When you’re spending time with women, focus! Carve out time when you’re with the women in your life and be as attentive as you were when initially dating.

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To Feel Loved:

When women feel love, they happy, relax and open with us and all arguments remove, the sex with generous, and their nurturing feminine energy flows throughout our lives. If she is unhappy that you are going out with your friends, or she’s upset about her day at work then you should that can change their mood and feel fully fresh and special. You learn to see through her words, actions, and moods.

To Feel Sexually Desired:

You need to understand, what is the main difference between your relationship with your partner and your relationship with everyone else in your life? If you have done sex with your partner then you need to women want to feel sexually desired. And make sure that you see and appreciate them, as a special person, in a sexual attachment. You should praise her body and feels her special in your life and her gratefully. You can remind her that you see her as a sexual being and you both can take benefits with sexual attachments.

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Many times, we can’t understand what to goes happening in our relationship. Then couples are quick to jump on each other with complaints and disagreements but hardly do they give the value and respect to their partner. Women usually handle many things at the same time with permission. You should to praise them for these works and notice her many sacrifices. So, with the way you can help them in more life activities. You have to need to praise and appreciate them for more works.


Women always appreciate our strength. But this means not that we need to dump up someone or rush to solve all problems that come her way. A gentle strength means that listening to her conversation, validating what she’s experiencing, reminding her that she has the power and ability to deal with whatever life situations faced. You should be telling your partner that you’re there for support.

Humor and Fun:

Life’s already too serious and full of difficulties. Women want to laugh and spend private time with their partner. Humor is a great way to reduce their tension. If you’re a funny person then you should play up the humor in your relationship. If you’re not the humorous person, then work on finding what you find funny and share that with your partner which is wanted by yourself. Laughing is important more than love that is the shortest distance between two hearts and two peoples.

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