6 Reasons to be happy with your period

6 Reasons to be happy with your period

In these days, you are irritated, bloated, bleeding, and you tolerate much pain. The demerits of menstruation are obvious. But did you know that there are also beneficial for you? So, today we’ll talk about the reasons to be happy with your period.

You’re not pregnant:

If you don’t want to babies yet they don’t need to worry. Menstruating means that the egg has not been reproduced and so broken isolate and shed with the uterus border. We all know that naturally, this isn’t good news if you’re trying for conceiving (pregnancy). If you are afraid that you might be pregnant or you may even be 100% convinced that you’re pregnant. But you’re not.

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You could probably conceive:

If you want to get pregnant then you need to have (regular) ovulation and an egg that’s ready for pregnancy. So if your monthly periods stop then it’s likely, you are able to conceive. After the menstruating, in a few days if you are doing sex then you can conceive. It’s such great news for you. You need the sperm, but you’ve got the basic condition arranged.

People understand your bad mood:

The funny thing about monthly periods, but they’re mostly true because most of the women do turn on bad behavior just before their Mensturbings. In these days mood swings and emotional sadness are fully natural. You shouldn’t blame on the hormones however should use it for your advantages. During Mensturbing period, you can come really angry about small things and other persons will just think its PMS.

You have a serious excuse to pull a sickie:

No, this doesn’t play any role in your work field, but it’s present in it. It’s a perfect reason to cancel to your appointments where you don’t want to go to anyway because you’re not feeling well, just want to stay in bed or on the couch in a blanket with a movie, some magazines and with some junk foods etc. In these days, you should give the proper time yourself and take the beneficial food.

It can’t get any worse:

During your menstruation cycle, your hormone levels change, which the main reason for you to be more sensitive and emotional just before your period’s time. Just before and during your menstruation, you normally feel crap and boring. But your menstruation is also a new cycle for you. Your estrogen levels move up, followed by your testosterone levels and you start to feel better, more energetic, prettier and happier. There’s light at the end of the menstruation for the ladies.

You’re better at certain things:

During and after your menstruation your female hormones plunge and your special and private ability move up. According to researchers, women are better at reading plans when they’re on their menstruation and their spatial ability is the worst when you’re ovulating. However, at that time you’re verbally much strong. During these days you should avoid excessive exercises, exhaustion, extreme weight loss and acute or chronic stress etc. Because of these much affected your body.

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