How to Make Shape of Nails

How to Make Shape of Nails

You can provide good health for nails at home by file. You can have provided shapely and strong nails by using the correct nail file. You can be choosing a good shape for your nails, and be filing in the correct positions and directions at home with little facilities.

Nails are a very important part of our personality and your body. Nail shape makes a very attractive personality. We can apply various nail shapes: oval, square, round, squoval, almond etc.

I. Preparing Your Nails

Wash your hands

Before files your nails, you should thoroughly wash your hands with any soap and cleaner water. So, you can get rid of any oil and dryness that will spoil your nail filing.

Dry to your hands

After washing your hands you make sure that your hands and nails are dry before nail filing. With water can make them more prone to breaking while filing.

Take a good nail filer

Nowadays, various type of nail filers available in the market which is affordable and effective. You should choose the nail filer of good quality. If you use best nail filer, they will provide the good shape of your nails. To avoid the metal files because they can also tear up your natural nails.

Decide to your nail shape

At last, you should choose your nail shape which you want to be given. There are many nail shapes available, you to choose from. But the most popular shapes are oval, square, and almond. Decide to what shape you want will depend on your preference. Nail shapes are: Oval shape, Square shape, Squoval shape, Almond shape, Round shape etc.

II. Shaping your Nails

Cut your nails before you begin filer

If your nails are tall, then cut them down taking into consideration the nail shape you want to provide. For example, you want round shape nails, you shouldn’t cut your nails much since round shaped nails require longer fingernails.

If you want to make almond-shaped nails, cut down the sides of your nails more than the tips.

The filer holds parallel to nail side

Hold the filer, parallel to the side of the nails, when you beginning your filing. This will provide safety from breakage. You should not file the nails very long time. If you do, this can make your nails easier to breakage.

Hold the filer flat against the nail tips

When you file your nails from the side to the center, you should always hold the nail filer equally of the nail. This will provide safety to the nail during the filing from nail breakage. If your nails are already thin, hold the nail file flat to your nail and file the nails very softly.

Finish filing by holding the file parallel to the other side of the nail

Move the file from its parallel position of the nail to the opposite side of the nail from which you begin filing. You should make sure that you hold the file parallel to the side of the nail

III. Finishing and Maintaining Your Nails

Remove any filing still attached to the nail

If you’ve got some extra filings to nail still attached to your nails, then you remove them by placing the tip of the files. And you do from underneath your nails and flicking upwards.

Buff your nails

After you finish the filing, you can give shine to your nails with the buffing. This will help you, to show your newly shape nails. Many products are available in the market, which used provide shine for nails. So, you can purchase a buffer at any beauty supply store and use.

Do Moisturize and Apply cuticle oil

You should regularly be used to the cuticle oil to your nails and keep your hands and nails moisturize for healthy. If you every time wash your hands, then you should use cuticle oil and moisturizer.

Polish your nails

Nail Polish is a very important part develops our personality. So, you use nail paint carefully;

  • Always use three strokes for polishing.
  • Always use the base coat and Stay far from quick-dry nail polish.
  • Swipe on cuticle oil carefully.
  • Hold your hands under cold water after paint.

File your nails every week

Only file your nails once every one to two weeks. Don’t too frequently file your nail because it is the main reason to damage for nails. You should give the time to grow of nails.

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