5 ways to enhance your eyelashes

5 ways to enhance your eyelashes

Long fuller lashes very common thing of beauty desired by many tricks. Nowadays, Eye Cosmetics used for this purpose. Mean that have become common in an effort to get the perfect set of eyelashes. However, use too many of these eye beauty products, the results are not permanent. Do’nt be disappointed. You can use natural ways, which is to help the growth of eyelashes.

Most of the people want thicker eyelashes. They make the eyes look beautiful and more attractive. Many factors like genetics, age, certain medical conditions, an eye infection or hormonal changes in the body often contribute to thin eyelashes. When you rub roughly your eyes and not removing eye makeup at the end of the day they can cause the weak hairs of your lashes to falling.

Using Oils

You can use the oils for fuller eyelashes such as Olive oil, Castor Oil and vitamin E oils. Another treatment that you can use for your eyelashes is to include both together olive oil and vitamin E oil. The used of compound fat in the oils for moisturizing the lashes and avoiding to loss of eyelashes. They help to lashes for becoming longer, thicker and darker with a fuller appearance.

Castor oil: METHOD:

  • Cleanse the face and eye area you do normally.
  • Dip clean mascara lightly into castor oil. Tap off extra.
  • Starting at the inner corner of the eye, coat the lashes from root to, working across until all the lashes coated.
  • Repeat this method on the other eye.
  • Use a Q-tip under eye area to remove any extra coat.

Olive Oils: METHOD:

  • You added to a few drops of normal using oil into the Olive oil.
  • Applying the mixture on the skin with a gentle tap of the fingertips.
  • You can move your fingers from the outer of the eyes to the nose.
  • After 15-20 minutes, you swipe the oils with soft tissues. The second way is:
  • You used to olive oil on you’re under eyes with half cotton.
  • Then, you get them to moisten with the heated oil and take them on the eye wrinkles.
  • Take away pads in 20 minutes and don’t swipe the eyelids.

With Green Tea:

You can get to Longer, stronger and healthy lashes naturally with help of green tea. Sharp-tasting green tea can be used as the growth for eyelashes.


  • When you make the tea, then leave to cool before it is used to the lashes.
  • You can use clean cotton, and then you can rub the sour green tea on to the lashes. Because tea includes the caffeine who responsible for caring and maintaining the growth of the lashes.
  • After 5 minutes, the tea is washed off using cold water or you can clean with cotton pads.

Lemon Peels:

Lemon peel is maintaining a cleansing tool. It’s is maintaining a cleansing tool. So, you get longer Eyelashes with Lemon Peel. Lemon peel extract, when added to either olive oil or castor oil, can grow the cleaning and growth tonic properties of the oil. Before making the paste, Lemon peel is dipped into the Olive oils for at least 4-5 days. This is beneficial for lemon essence into the oil. Then with the help of a brush, you can apply on the eyelashes coated with the mixture from the root. The lemon paste has cleaned the lashes and the growth of long healthy eyelashes.

Use Vaseline and Massage:

Vaseline is very beneficial for the lashes, requires the use of a clean eyelash brush or a clean mascara brush. You can apply Vaseline on the lashes from the base of the lashes to the tip. You can do this treatment during the night and wash up in the morning with water or any jelly etc. Then Vaseline has moisturizing qualities that prevent the eyelashes from becoming brittle and stronger. So that stop the breaking and falling off the eyelashes and make the longer, stronger, and healthier them.

Enhance with Glycerin/Egg:

Egg whites and glycerin have similar properties. They assist in the growth of hair. Glycerin/Egg, you can be mixed with castor oil in equal quantity to form a mixture.

You can be used to clean eyelash brush; the mixture is used on the eyelashes and left to all night. In the morning, you can cleanse routine washes or swipe off the mixture with soft cotton. After washing the lashes, you can moisturize them to make long, thick lashes.

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