5 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy

5 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy

People who are sexually active and also wants avoid to pregnancy. They need to be aware of their methods when it comes to birth control. There are many types of contraception available to help protect from pregnancy. However, the only one effective method for avoiding pregnancy is abstaining from sex, for 7 days before and after the period cycle.

If you will not use the contraception or supplements then 90% of sexually active women will become pregnant in 12 months, according to as the Family Planning Association (FPA) in the UK.

With barrier methods, prevents sperm from arriving at the egg.

With Condoms:

Male and female condoms are the only one type of contraception which is provided to protection against sexually transmitted infections. Male condoms are 80-99% effective against the pregnancy if used correctly. So, you should use the condom very carefully.

After the sex, you need to hold the base of the condom in the area before pulling out of the vagina. Then you remove the condom and dispose of it. You should never reuse a condom. Most of the male condoms made of latex, but more types are available for those with a latex allergy. Condoms are available in the drugstores and markets. Without reading instructions should never use the condom.

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Cervical Cap:

A cervical cap is a soft silicone cup which keeps to deep inside the vagina. It is very effective for covers the cervix to stop sperm from reaching an egg. It’s effectiveness range from about above 70% and doesn’t protect from Sexual Transmitted Infections. Cervical caps bought in drugstores and online.


Spermicide is a chemical which inactivates sperm. It is available in the market to buy without a prescription. This is used with forms of obstacle contraception, such as condoms, but not with the sponge. If you want to use alone, spermicide should be put into the cervix, at least 10 minutes before sex. It is effective for 60 minutes and is approximately 70% above effective. Spermicide gels can be bought on drugstores or purchased online.

Contraceptive Pills:

Birth control pills are one of the most commonly used methods of contraception in the world. The various brands are available in the markets of pills. According to NHS, they are over the 99% effective, if taken as a prescribed. However, with typical use, they are approximately 90% effective.

Two type of pill is available: Combine Pill, Mini Pill. The combined pill which includes estrogen and progestin. These should be taken daily, according to the instructions. The pill pack has some pills that are free of hormones. These pills are taken at that time when a woman will have some time near about the month.


Patch is a birth control patch which is combined by a thin plastic. According to the NHS, the contraceptive patch is 99% effective which is used with the correct method. With typical use, it is less effective like 90%.

A woman can use a contraceptive patch on their back, buttocks, upper arms, stomach. The birth control patch could wear for 3 weeks. The patch is removing it for one week to allow for a menstrual period. With patches can face the small risk of skin irritation.

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