2 Ways to Remove Hair from Stomach Permanently

2 Ways to Remove Hair from Stomach Permanently

Many women choose to remove hair from their belly for many reasons try with various ways. Nowadays various products and tricks are used for the removes stomach hair. All methods have results pros and cons, so it’s up to you, that you to decide which will work well for you. But now will be discussed on the two methods:

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is permanent but it is a very expensive solution to get rid of the unwanted hair on your stomach. If you have excess the body hairs then you can use the laser hair removal, it is a good solution. Laser removal works best for those peoples, which have dark hairs and lighter skin.

But before doing the laser hair removal process, you consult with a trusted doctor as this technique involves some risks like blisters, burns, pain, scarring.


These are the natural methods to get rid of stomach hairs. In these have more abilities to inhibit hair growth.

Raw Papaya Pack:

This is a natural method to get rid of stomach hairs. Papaya has the ability to inhibit hair growth. It provides you with a hair-free stomach in your home. It is not expensive and can be done easily at your home.

You can grind raw papaya in a blender and add milk and a pinch of turmeric to the mixture and then use this paste on your stomach opposite direction of hair growth and take paste to dry completely. You can remove this dried paste with the washing of the soft water. In this way includes the more method which is used to remove the hairs.

Turmeric Pack:

Turmeric paste is not only good for hair and skin but it also has hair removal and cleansing properties. This is a traditional and natural remedy which you can be prepared at your home. For this method, you need to take only turmeric and milk and you can include in this some honey.

You can make a paste with these things and apply this paste on the affected part of the belly. Let the pack take dry completely. After the dried, you can rinse off this pack with doing rub by the soft water. This method to remove abdominal hair is amazing and wonderful.

Egg Mask:

This method is not an uncommon trick for removing the hair. Eggs have a sticky texture which works a magically just like sugaring and helps to remove your stomach hairs. You take an egg and remove the egg white. Then keep it in a bowl.

In this mix some sugar and corn flour to the bowl and with these things, you make a paste. You can use this paste on your stomach hairs and let this pack dried completely.

After dried, you wipe this pack with the soft water. This would help into the removal of hair from your stomach but you need to use this pack regularly.

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