7 Amazing Facts about Your Skin

7 Amazing Facts about Your Skin

Skin is not only a layer of our body. Without this, we couldn’t do most of the things like Breathing, keeping and moving the body’s inner workings where they belong. Acne, rashes, and sunburn are some of the concerns that are faced to every person in every stage. Then come in the mind only one thing that how can care for their skin. But you should proper knowledge about this.

True Skin Facts that: Every minute, your skin leaves to 30,000 dead cells and Lack of hair in your Scar tissues and sweat glands. Your skin can leave up to 2-3 gallons of sweat in the hot weather. Our skin renews itself after every 28 days.

Some facts are:

Skin is the big and main organ of our body

“It’s needs to approximately 1.73 square meters to cover our flesh and bones,” says David Bank. Skin makes up about 15 above percent of our body weight. Dust is part of many materials, which include animal dander, sand, dirt, insect waste, and even dead skin cells. When each time you do vacuum, you collect the many dead skins.

Our skin rejuvenates to itself in 28 days

“Your skin sheds its dead skin cells on a daily, creating a new layer of skin every 28 days,” Bank says. New cells and tissues develop in a deep layer of the skin and they show up in the four weeks to the surface. So, with this process does old skin is revived with new skin. Skin is created not equal everywhere. With age, habits, and gender, be also affects the thickness that’s the effect on cells flexibility and facts.

Skin plays the main role in the regulating body temperature

It is fact that Skin plays an important role in regulating body temperature. Your skin acts according to your body’s thermostat. The sweat glands activate to the cool the body down when the temperature is rise. Sweating is a main bodily function that helps regulate your body temperature.

Dirt or Diet is no reason for pimples.

It is a big doubt that dirt and diet is the main reason for the pimples. But the main reason is the changes in the hormones. Due to Change in hormone levels and period conditions or pregnancy acne can be. With some medicines or any side effect, with sweating, can be the pimples. To help the treat and care of Pimples, you should be washing your face twice a day and after the working, swipes with cleanser. Then after the cleanser, you should apply the moisturizer. You should be clean up all makeup before going to bed.

Your skin needs to fresh air

Your skin observes the oxygen by combined efforts; external and internal sources. External sources mean your skin is observed oxygen by cellular respiration. And internal sources mean your blood carries the oxygen to the skin. So, always you take to fresh air and morning sun rays.

Changes your skin can expose a lot about your health

Changes in the skin can be a sign that something is wrong such as rashes, hives, and itching may signal an allergic reaction, a bacterial skin infection, a viral infection, or harmful disease etc. Many times can the skin cancer. In this condition, we should be to check up from the doctor.

The Millions of bacteria live on our skin

The skin’s surface is home to unique diverse communities of bacteria, which is known as the skin Microbiota. The writers say that the harmless bacteria that develop on the skin can help immune cells fight disease-causing microbes. And can make the healthy us.

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